Frequently Asked Questions

PAYER is payment service provider. Working with a major Australian Bank's Custodian Account, PAYER facilitates funds between buyers and sellers. Funds are safe in custody until both seller and buyer are in agreement to release funds.
PAYER works on a major Australian Banking payment platform and is very safe. Any transaction can be done by you on your mobile phone only. For any transaction you need to enter your MPIN which is known only to you. Please do not share this MPIN with anybody. PAYER uses bank grade security and all transactions initiated over PAYER are carried out over a secure bank network with 256 bit data encryption.
Once logged in the app, you can update/change your MPIN by selecting the option update MPIN from the left navigation menu.
To receive money through PAYER please select the person from your contact list or enter the mobile number from whom you want to request money. Enter the amount and send the request. A PAYER user will get a notification of a Request to Pay on their mobile. Non PAYER users will get an SMS to download the PAYER App and make payment for your Request to Pay.
To release or send money from PAYER, please select the seller name and the payment amount details from the Release To Seller Tab. On confirmation this will automatically credit the seller's account details with the listed amount.
The PAYER app is available for Android and IOS users only. You can download the PAYER App from your App store or Google Play.
We store user's card and bank information to provide you with efficient payment processes if the user has agreed to store the relevant information. You can read details in our terms and conditions to find out more. Data is made anonymous and you can be certain that your exact information is never shared.
PAYER is available to people who:
  • Live in Australia;
  • Are at least 18 years old;
  • Are capable of entering into a legally binding contract;
  • Have a valid and verifiable email address and mobile number; and
  • Use an Australian credit or debit card or bank account to make the transactions.
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