PAYER is here to create Trust with your payment transactions. Quite often payment terms are breached and this causes major frustrations for both a buyer and a seller resulting in damaged relations.

Imagine you have done work for your customer and they are too busy to pay you, what next? Debt collectors, wasting time on email's and phone calls PAYER is the solution for you. Wouldn't it be nice knowing your money is waiting for you in full the day you finish your job or your product is delivered?

As a customer have your ever paid anyone up front and they have not delivered your service or product OR Have you ever committed to a payment but the service is not up to your expectations. You have to go through a lot of unnecessary pain and waste time in resolving these situations. PAYER solves these problems for you. Next time use PAYER to pay your service provider or buy your goods online or offline.

PAYER is based in Melbourne and provides technology via an App on your mobile phone to enable Trusted Payments. We keep your money safe and secure in a major Australian Bank's Custodian Account. Funds are safe in custody until you both agree to release them.

At Payer our core belief is to provide fast, cost effective and secure payments. Payer aims to be at the forefront of digital payments and provides instant bank to bank payment solutions. We work tirelessly to provide hassle free and seamless payment experience to customers and businesses alike. We provide plug and play, technology agnostic payments platform to businesses to securely transact with their customers on mobile devices or online.

Our team of expert engineers and product specialists are here to help with any queries. Simply drop us line at